You never forget your first jaguar

Adriano Gambarini The year was 2000. I was already part of the Instituto Pró-Carnívoros, a pioneering institution in the study of Brazilian neotropical carnivores. At that time, little was known […]

When we were drones

The feeling of seeing that sea of ​​Amazonian trees, the pulsation of the Pantanal lagoons, the very high cliffs of the unknown Raso da Catarina. In other corners, the transparency of oceans, the vastness of deserts, even the urban chaos and the straightness of buildings acquire another beauty when seen from above.

Arapaima guardians

I have been documenting the work of the Paumari since 2013. It is fascinating to see the peoples of the forest take their own traditions in their hands, to realize the power they carry and its immense value.

Caption’s power

If there is the premise that photography immortalizes a moment, may each one be noble enough to immortalize a truth.

Seo Maranhão

That’s when I felt the weight of silence. A nostalgic look was cast at the void that separated us. At that moment, Seo Maranhão showed that he was trapped in a non-existent space-time.

The legendary Jupará

Ademar lost a tortoise, I gained many ticks and the great pleasure of seeing, and now sharing, an animal that is perhaps as fanciful as the stories that are lost in the corners of the forest.

El Completo

But, as it is the stubbornness that often leads us to phenomenal experiences, I ended the trail bringing with me the thrilling vision of the Gray Glacier, blessed by several moments of contemplation of this world’s grandeur, the inner dialogues, the condor flights over my head, the centenary groves of crooked trees, the “bone-breaking” cold bath in the Los Perros River, the flowering fields and waterfalls of very green waters, and the magical dawn on the rocky walls of Torres Del Paine.

Accomplice of light

Somehow this is what I always looked for, and found, in more than two decades of involvement with an activity that has become more than the extension of a speleological study, the craft of documenting a fantastic world or a life adventure. Entering a cave became the encounter with stillness.

The Little Lady

At that moment I shivered, like someone who feels the first stab of happiness for a sensation never before perceived. I had never tasted such innocence from anyone who wasn’t a child.

Extreme Amazon

The Amazon is fantastically mysterious, free from concepts of right or wrong, good or evil. And only those who can see the beauty hidden beyond their centuries-old trunks realize that the monsters are in the imagination. Everything follows its natural rhythm, and for that, it is necessary to understand this movement.