Figures tell tale of immense and unique forest

Everyone knows that the Amazon is unique and gigantic in its biodiversity. But see how impressive this data is:
On just two forested acres there is a greater variety of trees than in all of North America.

Just one of these trees can host as many ant species as there are in the entire United Kingdom.
More than 10% of the known plant and animal species coexist there.

In the Amazon basin there are over 2,300 species of fish, more than can be found in the entire Atlantic Ocean.
Close to one-sixth of the planet’s freshwater flows through its rivers and streams.

It stores around 130 billion metric tons of carbon, almost a decade of global emissions of carbon dioxide.
You can find this and much more information, which explains why the Amazon works as a buffer against climate change, in the Science Panel for the Amazon, presented at COP-26 in November in Glasgow:


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