Science blackout

For the first time, rich countries accepted the idea of setting up a loss and damage fund to compensate developing countries affected by catastrophes associated with climate change. But Brazil has not done the scientific work of measuring its losses and damages and relating them to climate change. “Brazil has been very out of touch in this conversation,” says specialist Natalie Unterstell.

Brazil is back

You may or may not like Lula, but it is unquestionable, for those familiar with the environment and climate diplomacy, that his participation at COP27 was a success.

Rainforests Opec

Rainforest countries have presented proposals that indicate how much they are looking forward to Brazil assuming its role as a climate superpower. Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo proposed to Brazil creating a kind of “tropical forests OPEC”, whereas the Colombian government defended the creation of a bloc of Amazonian countries.

Climate superpower

President-elect Lula is going to participate at the COP-27 in Egypt. It will be a unique opportunity for Brazil to reclaim its role as a climate superpower. The conference takes place at a time of acute crisis for the planet in general and for the Amazon in particular.

Funds for the environment

Brazil created an entire architecture for financing programs, not only for inspection, but above all for promoting sustainable development. That system was dismantled, funds were emptied and diverted. But it is still there, and it can work again, if and when there is political will, says Alessandra Cardoso, from Inesc.

Indigenous female leaders

There is a tendency to see indigenous culture as something static. As if changes necessarily represented the abandonment of indigenous culture. But, if we stop to think about it, there are no cultures like that. Every culture changes.

Pantanal means life

The Pantanal is incredibly rich in food, cultures and landscapes. Its vocation is ecotourism. There’s a death impulse lurking around us. We have to respond with a desire for life that is stronger.

Indigenous Top Model

All of us Brazilians have before us this journey towards our denied identity. So glad we got that chance! We will come out much better.

Sustainable infrastructure

We need to stop seeing the Amazon as a cheap land, stolen from the State, to be exploited for conventional agriculture, and look at the infinitely greater wealth that is on this land.


Funds for Brazil’s environment inspection bodies more than doubled in 2021. Even so, deforestation in the Amazon increased by 20% compared to the previous year. In a lecture on Thursday in Manaus at the 1st Environmental Congress of Members of the Audit Courts, I argued that this experience deserves a study.